Led by Elders: True Baptist Tradition

Introduction I write from the Southeast, more specifically I write from Alabama. Here it is not uncommon, in fact, it is the norm, to have a church led by one pastor, generally called the senior pastor. There seems amongst most Southern Baptist congregations a general skepticism of any more than one pastor. Is this normal? Perhaps, … Continue reading Led by Elders: True Baptist Tradition

What is Philosophy?: Its Importance for the Christian

Philosophy is a term and practice that unfortunately, can seem almost taboo in the Christian circle. Christians can appear suspicious of it as if it were a practice to be avoided at all costs. These suspicions, of course, can seem well grounded. After all, if one sticks around the church long enough, they will most … Continue reading What is Philosophy?: Its Importance for the Christian

God’s Providential Governance

  Introduction In most of Christian history there has been different beliefs on God’s sovereignty, especially in regards to how he interacts with humans. As theologians and philosophers have wrestled with their beliefs of God’s sovereignty over history, they have often had a hard time reconciling that with humanity’s responsibility, or free agency. A difficulty … Continue reading God’s Providential Governance